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Where Are All the Women Lawyers? – Deborah Chang and Sonia Chopra, Ph.D.

By 360 Advocacy |

Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the legal profession today. It is time to put it to good use. As women lawyers, we must help each other to get a seat at the partnership or courtroom table and to realize that this truly can be the greatest job in the world. In 1987, the first Chairwoman of the newly formed American Bar Association (“ABA”) Commission on Women in the Profession, Hillary Rodham Clinton, made a dire prediction. She believed back … Continued

Visually Shaping your Story – Zoe Littlepage

By 360 Advocacy |

As an adult, have you ever wondered why you remember – with vivid detail – the fairy tales and stories told to you as a child? Wasn’t that moment – when you climbed onto a parent’s lap and they opened a storybook – magical? You listened to the story while you looked at colored pictures (which graphically cemented the tale into your brain). We still remember the stories of our childhood and the pictures from the story books. Time to … Continued

Use Role Reversal to Get Unstuck in the Drama

By 360 Advocacy |

Role reversal is a technique used by Louise Lipman through out her trial consulting and as a faculty member at Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College. She has found that the process results in many benefits to all participants, including allowing one to better understand the people and the situation, shifting the perspective of the lawyers, clients and witnesses, and getting everyone unstuck in the drama of the case to further the story. Ms. Lipman’s offers an overview of the benefits … Continued

Don’t Leave Money on the Table (By Failing to Prove All of Your Client’s Damages)

By 360 Advocacy |

By: LtGen Dennis M. McCarthy, USMC (Ret) – ( On any given day, there are more than two million of our fellow Americans serving in military uniforms. Half of them are on full time active duty and are usually clustered around one of the 70 or so major military installations. Those in the other half are located in every city and town, serving in the National Guard and Reserves. Demographically, these two million men and women are young – most … Continued

Make Your Damages Big – Always Big

By 360 Advocacy |

We just completed the Damages: Go Big or Go Home conference, or as it should be named – Damages: Go Big, Always Go Big. With a faculty of 17 heavy weights from the trial bar, one would expect the take-aways would be numerous and significant. And they were. We wanted to share them with you. So, here are the Top 10: To effectively tell your client’s story, you need to get to know your client. Really get to know them. … Continued

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