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Conference Agenda

Sunday, September 11

Case Selection: How Do I Know if I Have a Case
Mark DiCello, Dr. Jerry Tremblay, Jill Gilling, RN

Effective Voir Dire in Brain Damaged Infant Cases
Adam Malone

Placental Pathology: The Tea Leaf Experts
Dr. Theonia Boyd

Managing the Top Defenses in Infant Cases
Pete Flowers, Chris Searcy

Analysis and Use of EFM: What Does It All Mean
Dr. Barry Schifrin

Use of Neuro Imaging in Elevating Pattern and Timing of Fetal Injury

Monday, September 12, 2016

The Issues and concerns in Handling the VBAC Case
Paul Casi

Elements of a Perinatal Asphyxia Case – What Does HIE Mean?
Dr. Jerry Tremblay

Effective use of demonstrative exhibits in Brain Damaged Infant Cases
Joe Cullan, Pat Cullan

Top 10 Tips for Trying a Brain Damaged Infant Case
Pam Pantages

Interpretation of Umbilical Cord Blood Gasses
Dr. Marcus Hermansen

Don’t Forget the Teachers and the IEP
Jim Casey

Pitfalls in Newborn Resuscitations
Dr. Marcus Hermansen

Effective Openings and Closings
Mike Kelly

From the Battlefield: What We Have Learned from the Wars Won and Lost
Jim Bartimus, Bob Talaska, Chris Searcy, Mike Kelly

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Talk to the Hand: Reducing Resistance to You, Your Message and Your Verdict
Chris Stombaugh

Panning the Art of the Story in the Courtroom
Bobby DiCello

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