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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Presenting Your Client’s Whole Life for Massive Damages
Brian Panish

Persuasion in the Land of Fake News
Jim Perdue

Show Me the Love – From Heartstrings to Pursestrings, Thoughts on How to Prove Up Love in a Courtroom
Mikal Watts

Getting the Trial Verdict at Mediation
Mark DiCello

Using Humor and Hope in Presenting Damages
Cale Conley

Special Considerations in the Fight for Damages for Injured Children
Chris Searcy

Damages and Equal Justice for Women – #MeToo
Pam Pantages

Getting the Trial Verdict at Mediation
Mark DiCello

Monday, March 26, 2018

Making Your Plaintiff the Hero
John Gomez

Building the Case for Huge Damages at Settlement from the Pro Who Has Earned Two – $200 million plus Settlements
Robert Mongeluzzi

Telling the Stories of Heroes
Chris Spagnoli

Class Actions and Other Creative Theories That Drive the Value of Your Cases
Billy Murphy, Hassan Murphy

How Cross Examinations Can Open the Door to Multi Million Dollar Verdicts
Troy Rafferty

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