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Bobby DiCello (The DiCello Firm, Mentor, OH) worked as Assistant County Prosecutor in the largest prosecutor’s office in the State of Ohio, The Cuyahoga County before joining the firm. As a prosecutor, he quickly earned the rank of In-Charge Supervisor, managing 16 prosecutors and tried more than 40 major jury trials. His practice at the firm focuses on civil rights, police misconduct, wrongful death, class action and mass tort. He handled the appellate work for Donzinger v. Chevron.

Christopher Stombaugh (DiCello, Levitt & Case, Mentor, OH) has been a thought leader on applying many of the cognitive neuroscience techniques. As a trial lawyer, Mr. Stombaugh's expertise has led to several record setting jury verdicts, often seven and eight figures. He was, until recently, a partner at the Keenan Law Firm in Atlanta, Georgia. Mr. Stombaugh is the Past President for the Wisconsin Association for Justice. He has been names to Super Lawyers for Wisconsin since 2010.

Jude Basile (The Basile Law Firm, San Luis Obispo, CA). Labeled by Gerry Spence as "one of America's finest," was invited in 2012 to be a member of the Inner Circle of Advocates, an exclusive association of 100 of the most successful personal injury trial lawyers in the country. He has received 6 Outstanding Trial Lawyer awards from Consumer Attorneys of San Diego, including Trial Lawyer of the Year. He has been named California Central Coast Trial Lawyer of the year 3 times. His verdicts include 7 and 8 figure results against corporations and governmental entities, on behalf of individuals and families.

The hidden truth is that Storytelling to jurors and mediators is fundamentally different. If the listener refuses to hear even your best story, your case will fail. We are in a hostile storytelling environment.

PowerStory shows you how to get your story heard by applying the proven and emerging ways to overcome this unprecedented resistance.

You will begin by learning how to make a deep, lasting connection with the audience by seeking first to understand them. Then, harnessing your power to change their hearts and minds, you can open clear channels so they favorably receive your case story.

Next, you will learn how to develop the most effective case story and craft and communicate that story in a way that not only convinces the audience, but compels them to action for you and your clients. All in three days. This is a working conference, so space is limited.

CONFERENCE PRICE - $1395 per attorney; $1195 per attorney for second+ person from same firm

  • Sunday, August 13, 2017

    10:00 a.m. Registration
    10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m
    Lunch Included
    Conference Program
    Why PowerStory?
    Bobby DiCello, Chris Stombaugh
    Tell A Story
    1. Each participant will tell a story or brief opening of a case. Participants will journalize the experience, noting what they liked and disliked about their presentations
    Bobby DiCello, Chris Stombaugh, Jude Basile
    Harnessing the Power of Suggestion, Imagination and Belief to Change Hearts and Minds
    1. How our beliefs can radically influence our perceptions
    2. How our fundamental beliefs can be altered through suggestion, imagination and plausibility
    3. How juror beliefs and perceptions can be appropriately influenced through similar channels
    Chris Stombaugh
    Where We Are With Our Jurors and How We Got Here
    1. Focus group exercise demonstrating resistance
    Chris Stombaugh
    How to Connect with Jurors
    1. Voir Dire connection building
    2. How to reflect authenticity
    Chris Stombaugh
    Connection and State Control
    1. State control exercises
    2. Physiology rapport exercises
    3. Verbal rapport exercises
    Chris Stombaugh
    6:30 p.m. - 8:00 Optional Session, Sign-up Required
    Practicing the Connection and State Control Exercises in the Real World with Chris Stombaugh
    Chris Stombaugh

    Monday, August 14, 2017

    8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m
    Breakfast and Lunch Included
    Conference Program
    How to Find Your Client's Story
    1. Connect with another person and see how that promotes story building
    2. Practice active listening with another person and learn how that helps you with your client
    3. Discover important relationships in the case with scene setting
    Jude Basile, Special Guest
    How PowerStory Works With and Empowers You Right Now. You've got the client's what?
    1. What this picture doesn't show - In this picture you are...
    2. The evidence takes us places and we show where
    3. Point of view and framing - the Menace
    4. How to fit with other strategies - Rules of the Road, Reptile, Polarizing the Case
    Bobby DiCello
    How Do You Make Your Client's Story Compelling?
    1. a. Metaphor, Simile, and burden of proof: show standard of care, characterize the opponent
    2. b. Show the jury the good and the bad: positive and negative values
    3. c. Show the jury the place where it all goes down – build credibility
    Bobby DiCello
    Essential PowerStory Content
    1. Meet your jurors' expectations: Genre
    2. Show the jury the missing element of every cause of every action
    3. Show the jury you own the story: both sides matter
    Bobby DiCello

    Tuesday, August 15, 2017

    8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
    Breakfast Included
    What We Have Learned and How Everything Fits with Our Cases
    1. Tell the Story or Opening from Sunday again using what you have learned. What has changed? Why has it changed? Journalize what is better and what is not.
    Chris Stombaugh, Bobby DiCello, Jude Basile
  • Conference Image

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    Conference Room Rate

    360 Advocacy has secured a limited block of suites on a first-come, first serve basis at the group rate of $239. The room block is closed, but we can still get you the block rate. Just call us at 719.578.9645.

    Continuing Legal Education

    An application for accreditation for continuing legal education credit (approximately 19.00 credit hours, including 2.0 ethics hours for 60 minute states and approximately 22.80 credit hours, including 2.4 ethics hours for 50 minute states) has been submitted to all mandatory CLE states. Number of credits awarded will vary based on state regulations. Please bring your license and/or bar information with you to the program.

    Conference Guarantee

    We take our pledge of excellence seriously. If the Conference does not live up to your expectations, we will refund your registration fee. Because the faculty will use real cases from their own files and share information only available at the Conference, you will be agreeing to the confidentiality of the program when you have been accepted into the program. The Conference is open to plaintiff personal injury attorneys only and anyone who represents personal injury defendants and/or insurance companies are ineligible to attend. The confidential nature of 360 Advocacy programs does not allow for audio or video recording, and the written materials are only available to attendees.

  • Cutting edge presentations in the litigation support arena, with applications also spanning into Sales Training, E-Learning, Marketing, and Public/Investor Relations.
    OAS is the leading provider of Vocational Expert and Life Care Planning Services, specializing in assisting attorneys in documenting the economic damages in cases where an individual has been severely injured.
    Practicing M.D.s specializing in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation with the expertise to formulate and defend recommendations for ongoing medical care.
    Robson Forensic has built a nationwide reputation when you need experts to investigate, analyze and describe the technical aspects of your case.
    A network of court reporters, videographers and trial support companies with high standards that will treat you as if you were one of their own clients.
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