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Fearless AdvocateTM
The Unsung Hero Working In the Trenches

Are you a Fearless Advocate? Do you know someone who is? 360 Advocacy is presenting its first Fearless Advocate Award. Let’s be clear. We’re not looking for the lawyer with the multimillion dollar verdicts. We want to recognize the Fearless Advocate, the unsung hero working in the trenches. We are looking for those individuals who have achieved victory on an important issue or case that some deemed unwinnable, unshakable or who have shown courage, shear genius, great creativity or bravery in the fight for their clients. If we have described someone you know, please nominate that lawyer for the Award.

“This is certainly the best conference on trucking that I’ve ever attended.”
John Givens
The Corhran Firm
Birningham, AL
“Attended last year’s conference and went from limited success to having more valuable cases directly related to content from this program. I’ll be back next year.”
Ryan Rogers
Godsey Martin
Dallas, TX
“I expected to get a few pieces of good information, but I received more than a dozen pieces of valuable information from very seasoned attorneys”
Ron Pollack
Pollack Steinberg
Philadelphia, PA
“I can tell you with certainty, is that what I’ve learned in the 360 advocacy seminar is the missing link… I am very excited about taking this back and applying it in my practice.”
Dean Nasser
Nasser Law Offices, P.C.
Sioux Falls, SD
“This is one of the most informative, exciting and at times provocative conferences we’ve had. I’m walking away with lists and lists of cases I have to work on based on what I’ve heard here… It makes me excited to go home and go to work again.”
Rob Miller
Law Office of Robert A. Miller
Eugene, OR

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Score one for the First Amendment. Steve Gursten of Michigan Auto Law and chair of the Auto Crash Litigation 3.1 conference (April 2-3) wrote in his blog that Dr. Rosalind Griffin, DME, who happens to sit on the Attorney Discipline Board, conducted the defense exam on his client who had been seriously injured in a truck accident in Jackson County, Michigan. In testifying, Dr. Griffin made statements that misrepresented the statements made by the client in the video taped exam. … Continued

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Role reversal is a technique used by Louise Lipman through out her trial consulting and as a faculty member at Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College. She has found that the process results in many benefits to all participants, including allowing one to better understand the people and the situation, shifting the perspective of the lawyers, clients and witnesses, and getting everyone unstuck in the drama of the case to further the story. Ms. Lipman’s offers an overview of the benefits … Continued

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Trial lawyers are facing many challenges, but the most difficult is resistance. Not simply the run of the mill, garden-variety resistance. This is the “I don’t like or trust you guys or what you stand for” hyper-resistance.  We are well into the age of “alternative facts” and “fake news.”  And this resistance is in every aspect of the practice – from discovery through trial.  If we thought we were not getting the results we need in our depositions in the past, it’s getting much worse. More…

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