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“PowerStory is Unlike Any Other Trial Skills Seminar”

The PowerStory conference was unlike any other trial skills seminar I have attended.

Chris Stombaugh offered cutting-edge techniques, backed by cognitive science and thorough research.  Filled with dense, yet accessible content, his presentation could have lasted several days and still kept me engaged.  I will not soon forget the captivating demonstrations and the substance behind them.

Chris showed us how to encourage clients, jurors, and witnesses to open up to us in three easy steps.  He demonstrated how in one short conversation we can break through a person’s defenses and get her to associate us with the happiest moments of her life.  I have already began to use this technique with my clients, to discover their story, and with jurors, to form a bond during jury selection.

Robert DiCello’s enthusiasm and energy kept me interested as he showed his proven method for telling our client’s story and connecting with the jury.  Both presenters demonstrated to PowerStory attendees, through their teaching methods, how influential connecting with an audience can be.

Once I have my client’s story, I will frame it using Bobby’s story structure, which borrows from the hero’s journey.  He explained how properly juxtaposing positive and negative points in the story will compel the jury to choose the happy ending for my client.

– Andrew Calandro, Tampa, FL

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