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Here are the statistics you need to know: 70% of human beings are VISUAL learners, yet most attorneys do not use a visual until trial because of costs.

Authentic3D FDA-approved technology solves this and converts your clients’ MRI and CT scans into a powerful 3D video of actual anatomy for just $995, producing a “CSI Factor” visual that causes your opponent to have the “I don’t want the Jury to see this moment”.

Our technology enables greater comprehension of CT or MRI scans for lay people, such as lawyers, insurance adjusters, mediators, arbiters, or jurors, and is used in all phases of litigation, including pre-suit demand letters, mediations, arbitrations, and trial.

We have been used in over 2,500 cases in 48 states. Our 100% admissibility guarantee show that our 3D videos doesn’t just represent the MRI or CT study – it is actual evidence! Examples.

See what Attorneys and Doctors say about Authentic3D.

“I used Authentic3D to compare 2 Brain MRIs. The 3-minute video by Authentic3D told the story visually and depicted the numerous brain infarcts and atrophy over time. The plaintiff turned down an $850,000 offer at mediation and the case settled for $1.5 million 2 weeks later before trial. This was after the carrier was provided with a copy of the Authentic3D video and still photographs generated from the video. Their work-product is phenomenal and absolutely made the difference in this case. I would highly recommend Authentic3D to visually portray the medical damages sustained.”

Larry Eisenberg, Past Trial Lawyer of the Year & Past President of the Orange County Trial Lawyers Association, Irvine, CA

To demonstrate just how valuable this cutting edge tool is, we’ll put our money where our mouth is! Contact us to upload your MRI or CT scan data, and we will produce a no-cost, no-obligation 3D video and have our Medical Team provide a free case review.

“Here at Authentic3D, we pride ourselves on providing a service that combines unparalleled value and customer service.

No matter the size of case or the size of the firm, we take pride in servicing every client, every time, no exceptions, no excuses. Thank you for providing us the opportunity to serve you.”

Jorey Chernett | CEO

FREE No-Cost, No-Obligation Case Review

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