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Jury Analyst

Know where your case stands with potential jurors in your venue, test case themes, and arguments, and get feedback even before you get a trial date. Our laser-targeted selection of jurors from a large sample population (ie. ‘240’ is better than ’24’ ) in your local jurisdiction and use of big data with predictive modeling helps you get the edge you need to win or assess potential risks of a new or complex trial. Team Jury Analyst by LititBit Corp has been working with several of the largest verdict plaintiff attorneys exclusively and our system is typically half the cost of a live focus or mock group.

  • Laser-target virtual jurors by specific demographics and behavioral aspects for immediate clarity regarding your case theories and theme development.

  • Present facts from your case to a carefully-selected pool of “at-home” jurors and gather their opinions to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your case.

  • Using our psychographic profiling, which employs the Big Five (OCEAN) standards– similar to how a few past US presidential elections have been won, compare your jurors to over 500k US-based citizen’s personality profiles.

  • Voir dire analysis: modeling/reports to show statistically significant differences in juror attitudes based on responses to a virtual jury questionnaire and voir dire questions.

  • Modeling/juror scoring: Use of big data, our algorithms can predict the likelihood of a juror holding a given attitude based on all their responses to the jury questionnaire and voir dire questions.

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