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Animation Contributes to $5.95M Settlement

When a truck plowed a car off the highway causing it to roll over
and result in life-altering injuries for the victim, Tauber Law
Offices thought – how do we show how horrific this accident was to
the clients sitting in the car. They wanted graphics that would
“shock and awe” the viewer for both mediation and trial. And it had
to be scientifically accurate.

The Tauber firm contacted High Impact and its team of forensic
artists and technicians to help. High Impact rendered 3D models of
the two vehicles and recreated the physics of the incident to deliver
an animation that captures the scene from multiple angles –
including a first-person perspective of the driver in the vehicle that
rolled over. The artists also compiled custom illustrations and
animations into an interactive Digital Injury Summary exhibit that
conveyed the totality of the victim’s life-altering injuries.

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