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Crafting a Settlement for a Minor? Know ALL the Options

There are few things scarier to a parent than when a child is injured
in an auto accident. When you add a financial award into the mix, it
can be overwhelming for the family. As a Settlement Planner, I
often come across attorneys with clients who are confused about
which settlement options are available for minors, and how the
options stack up against each other. Financial decisions made now
can have a long-term impact on a minor, and in many instances,
there are state-specific or even county-specific requirements that
dictate which investment options are applicable.

Making the Recommendation

The investment recommendation depends on three main factors:
the age of the minor, the amount of the award, and future health
considerations. A minor with relatively limited injuries or one
receiving an award due to the injury or death of a loved one will
have different needs than a catastrophically…

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