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Sunday, April 7, 2019

Overcoming the Gap in Time/Delay in Diagnosis – These are Not Case Killers
Steve Gursten

Going on the Offensive Early – New Strategies for Opening Statement in Auto Cases
Bobby DiCello

Is the Roadway to Blame? Address Defects, Signals, Sight Lines, Etc.
Steve Gorny

Traumatic Sleep Deprivation (Always Present, Always Ignored) to Prove Economic Disability for Life Care Plans
Matt Wright

Jury Selection in Motor Vehicle Crash Cases: Thoughts, Strategies & Trial Sequencing
Eric Penn

Case Study: $3M Verdict on Low Impact Case with $0 Offer
Ben Cloward

Negotiating Auto Wreck Claims for More $$
Steve Gursten

Securing Full Compensation for the Elderly and the Very Young
Dusti Harvey, Brady Pofahl

Proving Proximate Cause in Car Wreck Cases
Ed Caprozzi

Monday, April 8, 2019

How to Get Commercial Truck Driving Standards to Apply to Your Car Wreck Case
Joe Camerlengo

Seeing is Believing – Low Cost Tips and Tricks for Illustrating Liability and Damages
Allegra Carpenter

How to Get and How to Use a Defendant’s Cell Phone Records to Explode Case Value
Dan Munley

How to Get Your Client a Great Recovery Even When You Face Massive Health Liens
Betsy Greene

Tips on How to Handle Allegations of Comparative Negligence -Lessons on How to Survive and Even Thrive in a Contributory Negligence State
Karonnie Truzy

Turning 5 and Low 6 Figure Truck Wreck Cases into 7 Figure Cases
Hugh McAngus

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