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Sunday, February 26, 2017

What’s Important in Advertising in 2017
Harlan Schillinger

The Truth about How to Select and Work with Your Vendors
David Moyer

Want More Cases: These 2 Actions Will Get You Cases Now
Sean Allen

Website Content Strategy to Engage the Potential Client
Larry Tjan

Social Media is Not Optional: How to Launch a Social Media Strategy Today
Sean Allen

Refine Your Intake So the Great Cases Don’t Walk Out the Door
Carter Spohn

Boost Your Offline Efficiency with Response Driven Marketing: Innovative and Data-Driven
Steve Nober

Closing Arguments: The Big Ask
Brian Panish

Sex Matters: Similar Injuries, Disparate Recovery
Denise Dunleavy

Converting Punitive Damages into Actual Mad Damages
Mikal Watts

Try Your Case Like a Girl and Beat the Boys All the Time
Christine Spagnoli

A New Approach to Presenting the Plaintiff’s Case
Tim Becker

Cutting Edge Depo Techniques: What Needs to be Heard
Mark DiCello

Monday, February 27, 2017

Connect With Your Client First And Then The Jury
John Gomez

The Evolving Jury in the Millennial Age
Mike Kelly

Giveth & Taketh Away: Protecting Plaintiffs’ Damages and Combating Defense Attacks
Pam Pantages

They Won’t Pay if You Don’t Make Them: Getting the Best Settlement Possible
Dion Rassias

Lessons from a Lifetime of Caring
Chris Searcy

Trying Cases with Science not Personality
Mel Orchard

Proving Facts in the Age of Video Technology
David Buchanan

Trying Cases to Conservative Juries – Connection and Persuasion
Jim Perdue, Jr.

From Million to Billion: Make Them Understand the Need for the Big Award
Tom Pirtle

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Breakfast Included. Cross Examine Like a Boss
Troy Rafferty

Master Electronic Discovery and Win
Yvonne Flaherty

Deposition Strategies that Win Big
Ed Blizzard

Mediation and Settlement: It is All in the Prep
Mark DiCello

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