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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Going On the Offensive Early: A New Look at Opening Statements
Bobby DiCello

How to Increase Damages When You Have Already Won
Jeff Goodman

The Secret to Beating Bullies and Advancing Your Client’s Story
Amy Keller

Gaining and Keeping Clients’ Trust and Confidence in High Profile Cases
David Sirotkin

An Asymmetrical Approach to Cases: Allowing the Defense to Beat Themselves into a Loss
David Berger

More Than Words: Bringing an Expert’s Testimony to Life
Matt Stumpf

What Tire Cases Teach: How the Case within a Case Tells the Story
Wes Ball

Using Mediation Videos to Tell Your Client’s Story to the Real Decision Makers
Robert Zimmerman

How to Try a Spine Injury Case to Today’s Juries and Win 7 Figures
Robert Glassman

Taking Care of the Client: It Isn’t Just for Lawyers Anymore – Look to Your Paralegals and Support Staff
Ofelia Vittatoro

Friday, September 6, 2019

Deposing High Stakes Witnesses: Exercising Emotional Fortitude in the Face of Aggressive, Emotional Defense Counsel
Justin Nematzadeh

Time to Start Your Own Firm? Here’s How
Marc Simon

Case Prep – Are You Doing It Wrong?
Nick Gurney

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