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"Mobile-Friendly" vs. "Touch-Friendly":
Not Knowing the Difference Can Cost You Cases!
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When it comes to websites, you've probably heard the term "mobile-friendly." Awesome -- but what the heck does that even mean, "mobile-friendly?"

Honestly, not very much. A mobile-friendly website is one that is technically engineered to be used on an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy and other mobile phones. But sometimes these websites are not thoroughly considered for the general public, making these mobile-friendly sites difficult to operate for many users.

Think 'touch-friendly' or "touchable" instead. "Touchable" or "touch-friendly" is synonymous with user-friendly, however we want to drive ...read more
Lessons From The Stage*
Lesson 5: The Power As A Storyteller
This next lesson from the stage focuses on how to develop your peak performance in the courtroom (transform your stage fright into stage presence) with confidence and authority. Accessing your power as a storyteller "on your feet" and being more persuasive and confident comes from using and embracing your complete "storytelling instrument," warts and all.
Great acting is about "using what you got" in the scene. Often the idea of being confident in front of people remains exactly that: an idea. In the acting world, when you're on stage you can't "play" an idea. The idea is to become the idea, to embody the idea, to fill the idea with genuine feeling. And that can only come from you. So it's mission critical to see the value in what's holding you back from you.
In the acting world, approaching a character and giving it life often feels like swimming upstream. In order to make a believable, three-dimensional character on stage, many of the acting exercises I've been engaged in will often feel so counter-intuitive to every instinct I have, and yet... read more
*This is Lesson 4 of 7 Lessons developed by Julliard Theatre Graduate Jesse Wilson that show how the skills he learned as an actor... read more

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