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Fearless Advocate

The unsung hero working in the trenches

Are you a Fearless Advocate? Do you know someone who is? 360 Advocacy is introducing the Fearless Advocate Award. Let’s be clear. We’re not looking for the lawyer with the multimillion dollar verdicts or even the million dollar verdicts, the largest class or the current “media darling.” We want to recognize the Fearless Advocate, the unsung hero working in the trenches.

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Make the Safety Director’s Depo a Case Changer

By  Joe Fried, Chair of How to Win Trucking Cases: Advanced Course The corporate designee is unquestionably the most underappreciated and underutilized witness in the preparation and presentation of a plaintiff’s personal injury case against a corporate defendant, especially in the case of a truck crash. When preparing the notice to take the deposition of the corporate designee, including the Safety Director, don’t forget the formal duces tecum notice. Send the notice to the Director personally and the company pursuant to subparagraph 6. The notice must describe with reasonable particularity the subject(s) to be covered in the examination. In addition, your notice should be tailored to the discovery requested in your … Continued

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